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7 street lamps in New York replaced by LED

  According to data from the Ministry of communications in New York, nearly 72% of the city's 250 thousand street lights have been replaced by a brighter white LED bulb known as a sodium vapor lamp formerly known as orange light.
    The goal of New York is to upgrade about 28% of the lights by the end of 2018, but not the lights on the state highway.
    LED lights have longer service life than old ones, but consume only half the energy, saving millions of dollars. Experts say upgrades can increase security and inspire locals and tourists in New York to walk more streets at night.
    Harold Takooshian, a professor of psychology and urban studies at Fordham University, said, "in the United States, some cities leave work after 5 p.m. in the city of. New York is not like this, it shouldn't be like this." In addition, he studied how street lights affect the community.
    New York mayor Michael Blonburke (Michael Bloomberg) approved plans to upgrade street lights in 2013. The first stage started in 2015, followed by Broolyn in 2016 and then in Queens. According to the latest data from the Ministry of transportation, nearly 154000 LED lights have been installed in the two administrative districts. About 25000 LED lights have been installed in Bronx, Staten Island and Manhattan.
    According to the statistics of New York Police Bureau, the overall crime rate has decreased by 8% in the past two years. Takooshian says it is hard to establish a direct correlation between crime rate reduction and lighting improvement, but "lighting improvements make people safer."".
Takooshian says New York has been looking for ways to better illuminate streets in an economic and efficient way.
    When the LED lights were first installed in 2015, some Broolyn residents complained that the LED lights were too bright to disturb their sleep.  Mayor Bill Blasio and the Ministry of communications responded to these complaints and took swift action.
    The traffic department spokeswoman said, "the Ministry of communications in the community of lighting, and a meeting with the LED lamp manufacturers, they can be transferred to the lower wattage (78 watts from reduced to 72 watts), and for other lamps can change the light propagation."
These adjustments seem to work. Elected officials and community leaders say they haven't received major complaints about lighting for more than a year.
    Jeremy Laufer, regional manager of the Broolyn community committee, said, "for many people, it's the norm now."
Losangeles, Hawaii, and Phoenix are planning similar upgrades, while environmentalists say they will be looking for inspiration from New York.

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