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Shenzhen's new smart streetlights, it can do more things

    Recently, Shenzhen Bay eco technology park in Shenzhen Shahe road at the entrance, set up two lampposts quite the sense of science and technology, by the traffic planning and Design Research Center of Shenzhen City Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "Shenzhen traffic center") independent integration of research and development of a product, called "the road of common wisdom bar", multi bar one, powerful, but also reflects the city's civilization, equipment in the rod inside, outsiders can not see, was known as the lamppost of the invisible "iron man". The wisdom of the future can only be achieved by only one tree.

    It can reduce frequent excavation of road
    The scene can be seen, the pole comes with a LED display, real-time scrolling display surrounding traffic conditions, travel time, the surrounding parking spaces, weather conditions and other travel information. Within 50 meters of the lamppost, citizens can access the Wi-Fi free internet. Close to it, you can see that an alarm is installed on the lamp pole, which can be used for the emergency call.
    According to reports, Shenzhen transportation center in recent years has been committed to exploring the concept of intelligent road integration and implementation of the path, has initially formed an independent intellectual property rights of the integrated solution of the wisdom of the road. To achieve a high degree of integration of lampposts and video bar, signage bar, rod and other information screen bar, and the bar body reserved at least 3 hole structure, the future of the new equipment can meet the access requirements, reduce duplication of pole and frequent road excavation.
    In addition to providing all kinds of traffic information and Internet services for citizens, the function of the wisdom road joint is far more than that. In the street lamp as the hardware carrier, also integrates video, networking, DSRC relay, Wi-Fi probe, environmental testing and other 23 kinds of sensing equipment, support road panoramic monitoring, traffic monitoring, risk warning, road vehicle road coordination control, intelligent induction and equipment along the IOT and other functions.
    It can effectively reduce road risk
    Compared with the domestic and foreign intelligent street lamp to solve the existing schemes, the Shenzhen traffic center developed a road of common wisdom is the biggest characteristic of rod can achieve fine management, solve the traffic department, urban management department in the short board road management level, enhance the management level of intelligent road. Based on the combination of video image and AI algorithm, the intelligent recognition of pavement (facilities, guardrail, signage) damaged, found the problem of real-time automatic push to the responsible departments, solve the traditional personnel inspection found a timely manner, to reduce the risk of road.
    As a "Shenzhen business card" in the field of transportation planning and design, the business scope of Shenzhen transportation center has covered 29 provinces and cities, more than 100 cities. At present, the wisdom of the road of common bar has been in Shenzhen Luohu District Patriotic Road and Nanshan District Shahe road pilot pole, the subsequent Shenzhen traffic center in Shenzhen Guangming New District, Qianhai, Nanshan and other regions, and Suzhou, Zhanjiang, China Shenzhen Shantou cooperation area of the pilot construction plan within one year of domestic laying 10000 the root, covering more than 150 kilometers of road mileage.

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