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Direct LED display market demand is still strong

    With the continuous expansion of LED downstream application market demand, more benefits from human and raw material cost advantages, as well as policy support, China has now become the world's largest LED packaging production base. China's packaging enterprises and international packaging giant is gradually narrowing the gap, the emergence of a country star, Linsen, Dongshan precision, XinDa, Jingtai, Ruifeng, Makar music, and a number of Taiwan Xinguang large packaging manufacturers.

    In the first three quarters of 2017, the LED display market, a small gap and transparent screen fire, seems to have led the development trend of the entire industry. But it is not the market demand the most popular products, because of the small spacing threshold is relatively high, the market price is expensive, and the transparent screen, the volume is not large, as long as the order, the market generally can meet the needs of customers. So what's the most demanding product? This is the conventional straight LED display, the reason why, and listen to Xiaobian slowly.
    All along, straight LED in outdoor LED display occupies an unshakable position, its application history has more than 20 years. From the initial single to dual color LED display screen LED display line now, made for the development and popularization of the distinctions won in battle LED display industry.
    In recent years, although a lot of LED manufacturers have actively shifted to the field of SMD LED, but the market demand of direct insertion of LED display has never been broken. A few years ago the industry price war in the field of conventional screen is too fierce, so many manufacturers to continue unprofitable in conventional LED direct plaque areas, will eventually endanger the survival of the enterprise, so many enterprises for profit and the judgment on the future development trend of the industry, decided to withdraw from the field of conventional in-line LED display.  Combined with the domestic LED display enterprises are pioneering Europe and other high-end market, higher quality of products, the price relative to the bearing ability, it also gives the transformation of surface mount LED display enterprises greater profit space and power.
    Outdoor straight LED display, compared with the surface paste, the price is much cheaper, welcomed by the small and medium customers in the market, which is also the main reason why the direct LED display will not withdraw from the market. In the market, price is always one of the key factors for the success or failure of competition. LED display in the line has experienced several rounds of price war baptism, the profit space is very small, the price is close to the bottom, the price of space is not large, for the end customer, many water squeezed out of the middle of the purchased products will be value for money, is definitely a good thing.
    In the national Belt and Road Initiative strategy, The Belt and Road along the country there is a demand for the product display, but is very sensitive to the price factor. These countries have a higher acceptance of conventional inline LED displays. The development of capacity cooperation with these countries, but also more in line with China's capacity to go, inventory of national strategy.
    Although the LED display is profitable, the market demand is still brisk. In the large LED display market, outdoor applications market share is very large, there are more than 20%, and the line of outdoor LED display and the price of their product features more prominent advantages, do not believe that standing on the air, outdoor line LED display manufacturers can also accomplish a great deal!

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